When You Least Expect It

Sometimes you have those moments that are filled with surprises. Sometimes they're good ones, sometimes they aren't. But I've always loved surprises, good or bad, they keep you on your toes. Remind you that you're alive and fill you with excitement. I love those moments you think might never happen and when they do they make your soul smile.

Wednesday Dan called me out of the blue to play hookey and go for a run! It totaly felt like I was back in college, it was that first warm day of spring and everyone skipped class to go frisbee golfing. I know I went to college in Wisconsin so our "exciting adventures" were a bit tame compared to the adventures of today. So after pulling a Siobhan and driving to the wrong park Dan and I finally met up and got in a good run. Its always more run running when you're really supposed to be at work. Of course I paid dearly for leaving work early, just as I did in college, and spent the rest of that night working and even was up extra early on Thursday to finish everything up. Oh well it was certainly worth it!

Friday we took the day off to build a new porch...but you know what's way better than building a new porch? Yep, running in the new state park! Dan and I went to Staunton State Park to run "legally" now that it's officialy open. The trails were awesome. Beautiful trails, beautiful day...amazing run! Dan and I had a blast. I love new trails and to have some so close to home is perfect! Then Saturday I got in a long run with some good elevation gain on Conifer Mountain. After a slow start to the week, with James being sick with strep throat I still managed a fairly decent week mileage-wise.

James also has a way of surprising me. Just when I begin to worry that maybe he'll never crawl, he starts pushing up to his hands and knees. He may never army crawl, but he's getting close to pushing himself to sitting and I know crawling won't be too far behind that. James is also starting to understand our signs more. He doesn't sign to us, but when I sign "more" while eating he opens his mouth and is definitely ready for more. They may not be huge steps, but seeing him progress, get stronger and learn more is so exciting. But on top of him taking steps towards crawling, he also started taking real steps. I know he's a ways off from walking, but taking steps while I hold his hands is so much more than I expected him to do this week! Even his PT was so excited and amazed at how strong his legs are. I wonder where those legs came from.

Week May 20 - 26

Miles Running: 40.8
Hours Running and Hiking: 10


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