Here and Now

"the sun goes down, the stars come out, and all that counts is here and now, this universe will never be the same, I'm glad you came..." -The Wanted

James hiking Grays
A year ago, 51 weeks to be exact, I stood on top of Hope Pass for the second time that day standing shoulder to head with Rob. It was a mesmerizing that I will never forget. Here I am a week away from setting out to run the Leadville 100 again, and this time to finish. In the past year I keep reliving this moment. Its how I want to remember Robert. But its also because I haven't gotten over the DNF and having let everyone, mostly Rob down. To say the least it has haunted me every day. It has forced me out of bed at crazy hours of the night and morning, it has forced me through wind and snow, freezing temperatures, terrribly hot temperatures, it has cauased me to log 1090 miles to get to this point today. Where in a week I will God willing once again stand atop Hope Pass, twice in one day, but this time I will dig deep and find it within myself to continue pushing on, continue running for 45 miles back to Leadville. This time I'll be doing it both for James and Rob. To prove I can do it, that I won't quit, I won't give up!

"But we cannot be denied. The fire inside..." -Bob Seger

I've been such a mix of emotions...nervous, excited, anxious, ready to start running. Dan and I were talking about it and said this year we're both more confident and less cocky. We know what to expect, we know there are going to be some long miles, we know how to push through. There are still a lot of unknowns and over 100 miles lots of things can go wrong. But this year we're more ready for these things.

As James has healed from surgery its amazing to watch him get so much stronger. I can tell he's sleeping better because I can hardly hear him breathing. I'm used to hearing snoring, congested, loud breathing and now he's just quite and not nearly as restless. The better sleep seems to really be helping him get stronger and have more energy.

Hiking Grays
This weekend we met some friends and took James hiking on his first 14er, Grays Peak. One of the other little girls didn't feel great so we didn't make the summit, but it was still a beautiful day. Plus it was a great way to keep Dan and I from either running too much or going stir crazy!

This is it! This is the moment we've spent the last year training for, preparing for. You never know how many chances you get at this so its time to make it count. See you in Leadville!

Week August 5 - 11

Miles Running: 31.0
Hours Hiking and Running: 8


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