Peak Performance

I've never been one to specifically train to peak for a race. Or maybe it's more like I've never managed to actually peak for a race so I gave up trying. I don't want to get too excited, but I feel like I might actually be pretty close to peaking for Leadville this year. Last year I peaked several weeks later which was a pretty strange feeling. Here you've been training for a pretty long race, things don't go quite as planned and then you just keep getting stronger. 

Most of this week my runs all felt smooth and relaxed, without being super slow. Hopefully that's a good sign for my training. My training was meant to get me ready for Leadville, but I didn't necessarily do anything specific to perfectly peak for this race. Mostly I just ran as many miles as I could, got in hill repeats as much as possible and on my long run days tried to do as much housework and stay on my feet for as long as possible after my run. That's gotta help right? I mean if you're still on your feet all day!

By Sunday however I was exhausted, my legs didn't seem to be working and it just made me more and more frustrated. I ended up cutting my run short. Now isn't the time to be pushing through to get an arbitrary number of miles for this week. Right now is about listening to my body. I of course then realized I hadn't had a day off since the previous Monday so it was probably more just my body saying it needed a break.

The steroids seemed to have propelled James' motor skills this week. He was a rock star pushing himself to sit, army crawling, pulling himself to stand and saying "dadada" and signing it once (I think that was Dan's favorite moment)! It's been a great and super busy week! I can't believe race day is only 2 weeks away! Time to get our gear ready! I'll be posting a strategy report shortly.

Week July 29 - August 4

Miles Running: 41.6
Hours Running and Hiking: 8


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