The New Normal

Top of Mt Bierstadt
Its a strange feeling to wake up the morning after Leadville and realize its over, you did it. I've always heard it can be quite a letdown, what next, what do you do? Maybe its different when you have a James and he doesn't let you feel this way. With James there's never a dull moment, a moment of just not being sure what to do next. I may not be sure what my next race is, but I can certainly say I have my hands full.

I was surprisingly only sore for a couple days, but the total exhaustion lasted awhile longer. It brought me back to the days when we had first brought James home and I was falling asleep while feeding him on the couch. I slowly got back out running and it felt great. Each day a little easier and a little less stiff. What I didn't expect was the burning desire to start training again. Two weeks of tapering and I'm lost! I'm excited to get in great racing shape, to incorporate more strength training and speed workouts into my routine.

So this is how life is now. We just keep training and looking forward to the next great adventure. But what James has taught us is to focus on what happens in between in each adventure, not to just live for the adventure itself. I think I realized this when I was excited to start training more than I was excited for what the next race will be. He has taught us to focus on his small accomplishments and not get caught up waiting for the big milestones. Of course he's now really starting to say "dada" and "momma" and look at us like he also understands the meaning and that has been one of the most amazing things to hear. Granted he usually says "momma" while he's crying, but at least I know I can comfort him.

This week it was good to just spend some quality time together as a family. I think one of the other big things we've learned through this whole process is sure Dan and I both could have logged more miles and focused more on our training to get better results at Leadville. But the bottom line is its not just Dan and I anymore. We have to find a balance in our lives.

This week I also met up with Jason and Haley to climb Mt Bierstadt in memory of Rob. Dan had to babysit his well so Dan, James and I will hike another 14er next weekend as our tribute. As I stood at the top of the mountain with over a hundred other people it was easy to get lost in the moment. Thinking about our little family and those above watching over us now. Thinking about living in the moment. Thinking about how we will face each challenge that comes our way. The reality is tomorrow will bring another challenge and our life now is about how we will face it.

Week August 19 - 25
Miles Running: 18.0
Hours Running and Hiking: 7


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