Cabin Fever

Ah I'm just so ready for dry trails, longs runs in the sun, shorts and a t-shirt. By the end of February cabin fever is really setting in. It's been super windy lately and that is the one thing that really forces me onto the treadmill. And I really don't want to run another mile on that thing. The cabin fever only gets worse when you have those super nice days like Sunday only to watch the snow and ice return a day later.

This week was all about finding the trail of least resistance in terms of mud and ice. I was not so sucessful. Green mountain was a mud pit, Flying J a skating rink, Matt-Winters is only half open, Falcon is an interesting combo of mud and ice and the list goes on and on. As the week wore on it appeared Sunday was going to be one of those perfect Colorado blue sky days! So like any other running couple with a kid we called our babysitter.

Bear Creek was probably our best bet for really runnable terrain so we just headed there. It was the perfect day. The trails aren't great there, but we did have a great run so I can't complain too much. I'm still a bit worried about Salida. After 18 miles my legs were feeling it a bit and the thought of another 8 miles and 3,500 ft elelvation gain is a bit daunting.

Dan's speech therapist has had us working on getting James to pant for dog rather than "woof" since "woof" is a bit hard. Well he's nailed the panting! Whenever he sees Seamus he immediately starts to pant. It's pretty darn cute! I also took James to the Ds clinic this week. The PT said he really is on the verge of walking. He just needs to trust himself to let go. He's also gotten so fast with the walker that slowing down to learn a new trick doesn't seem as fun to him. We'll get there though, probably sooner rather than later which is a very scary thought. 

And the best news of the week...Apex is opening some of it's trails 3/14! Ah I am so excited to be back at my park. No more excuses not to run!

Week March 3 - 9

Miles Running: 40.1
Hours Hiking and Running: 7.5


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