Old Friends

I miss you ol' friend
Over the past six months I have learned to make friends with Green Mountain and Mt Falcon. Green is convenient and Falcon is a tough climb so both warrant places in my running log book. And they both have their places in my heart... Running sideways through the wind, sliding off snow drifts, and chigger bites on Green. Jumping over rattlesnakes and soul-crushing climbs on Falcon. It's always fun to make new friends, explore new trails, but I've found myself missing my best friend...Apex. So when I heard a few of the trails were re-opening after last fall's floods I was ecstatic!
Dan at Apex

I was finally reunited with my BFF last week. I could still tell you every little section that was graded, every rock that was now covered or uncovered. Even though with the trails that are opened I had to run my normal route backwards my feet still knew every step and I felt like I just casually danced up the trail. I seriously can't stop smiling, even now, thinking about how much I love to run these trails.

Aside from the fact that I love the trails at Apex and have so many amazing memories from those trails, it's the perfect training ground for me. I literally have no excuse not to run when I have to drive to the trailhead twice every day to drop off and pickup James from daycare. Falcon will still remain a weekly run, but not having to add the extra 30 min of drive time to my every day runs makes it much more manageable to get in some real miles.

James ready for his WDSD run!
This week I also ran my 21.3 mile World Down Syndrome Day Virtual Run. The timing meant my options for trails were pretty limited. So I sucked it up and headed to Bear Creek. I don't mind running Bear Creek as a family, but 21 miles by yourself is rough! I'm pretty sure I would have quit halfway through if I wasn't running for RDS. But I made it! Sunday the weather warmed up so Dan and I took James out for his 3.21 times 2 WDSD run! Overall the run was a huge sucess! I was really hoping for more participants, but it was the first year and I know the run will just keep getting bigger and bigger. I'm really excited about the possibilities!

Speaking of RDS Dan and I decided on our goals for the year. We decided not only would we each be running another 100 miler, but we would each race 321 miles for RDS. Our featured races will be Leadville 100 for Dan and Run Rabbit Run 100 for me. Then we'll finish out our 321 miles at the Chicago Marathon!

Week March 17 - 23

Miles Running: 43.8
Hours Hiking and Running: 8.0
Rockin' our crazy socks!


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