Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve family run
Well no week like Christmas to decide that you need to really get back at training right? I decided with a week of almost no daycare and holiday craziness I wouldn't plan a day off that way if something came up I wouldn't have already had say Monday off. Not to mention with almost no daycare I was probably going to need daily runs to take a break from the monster!

Monday started off the way every Christmas week should...with a blizzard. I saw a break in the storm and knowing I had to kill another hour before I picked up James I decided to sneak out of work to get some miles. No sooner had I left the office than the storm picked up full force. I had set up for the bike path so at least I wasn't heading straight up Green, but it was still a rough run. I managed a slow 4 miles before I had nothing left and had to get back. On a positive I got in my run on the downside I was now soaking wet for the what would be 3 hour drive home. Note to the winter always, always keep snacks in the car! 
Christmas Eve present opening

Tuesday I met Sandra for a good run at Bear Creek. We managed to keep a pretty good pace despite the snow and ice patches. Since Wednesday was somewhat warmer-ish and Christmas Eve we had to get in a family run. So back to Bear Creek. James actually stayed pretty warm with the weather shield over the BOB so we were able to get in a somewhat decent run. Christmas brought with it another storm and a cold. I still got outside for a few miles, but the cold definitely cut that run a bit short. The rest of the weekend was just about scraping together miles between the snow and the horrible cold I had. A lot of people ask me when its okay to run with a cold. My rule of thumb is if its not in your chest you're good to run. I actually felt better running so I kept running. I just had to really cut the pace back. My heart rate was skyrocketing and it was tough breathing if I tried to go too fast. It was a lot of treadmill and laps in the neighborhood, but I got it done!
heading to Christmas Eve mass

James well...let's just say Christmas may not be his favorite holiday. Christmas Eve he got made opening presents because he'd open one great gift and start playing with it and then would get mad that it was time to open another. Needless to say it took about a week to get through all the gifts and that was with a lot of help from Dan and I. We also tried to get creative with activities. There was a lot of painting and coloring, playing in the new playroom, we made cookies, and we even played in the snow. I'm not sure who was more ready for daycare to re-open James or us. Overall it was a fun week home with the boy, but I was certainly glad for a break when the week came to an end. I think I also need to pinterest more toddler activity ideas to keep us busy through this winter which is promising to be a doozy!

Week December 22 - 28

Miles Running: 50.0
Hours Hiking and Running: 7.0 
I thought I could get away without screws one day...

Getting ready to play outside

Playing with our new toys!

Making cookies


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