Training Time

sunny run at FJ
The first full week of training for the year and I was determined to stick to my training plan. Of course I have no idea just how well this training plan will work, but its something I put down on paper for myself and that's more than I usually do. Usually my training plan consists of a long run thrown in somewhere, telling myself I should do speed work on Tuesday or Thursday (only because those are the days we always did speed work in college) and then run 6-10 miles every other day. So a calendar with handwritten pre-planned runs is a big step. The real test was if I could follow it. 

Overall I did really well. I did my speed work which included a two-a-day with a 4:00 am fast run! Running at 4:00 isn't necessarily hard, you actually don't even realize what you're doing until its over. The hard part is getting your body to move that fast that early in the morning. The only run I really missed was my long run went from 15 to 12. I was planning to do the run on Friday, but dang work got in the way and I just had too much that needed to get done. 

This week was also week 2 of James' swim lessons. Dan was able to come this week and the wet suit I ordered for James came just in time. He still was shivering by the end and ready to be done, but at least he didn't turn blue! Hands down his favorite part is jumping in. The kid will pull himself out of the water onto the pool edge like a pro as soon as he realizes what time it is. He's also really getting the hang of kicking! He went under water a couple times and I managed to not freak out which I considered a huge success...for both of us!

We also started with a new private therapist since our amazing therapist left the Sie Center a couple weeks ago. Well lets just say the new therapist did not live up to my standards. Maybe my expectations are too high, but James was curled in the corner of the room crying at one point. I know she had to do her evaluation so it wasn't a normal therapy, but she just didn't click with James. She hardly interacted with him even when trying to play a game to see if he could do it. She also mentioned she's never worked with anyone who was non-verbal. Well that's not what I was told when I made the appointment so I was not real happy about that. I realized when we left that James needs people who 'get' him. Not everyone will. I get that. Needless to say she is no longer our speech therapist. Another victory for me in not screwing around and giving her a thousand chances because I don't want to fire her. We'll try again with a new therapist from Children's in a couple weeks.

Week January 5 - 11

Miles Running: 48.0
Hours Hiking and Running: 7.5

Monday: 6 miles easy; Met Dan downtown for a lunch run.

Tuesday: AM 3 miles fast on treadmill before work; PM 4 miles of 8x30 sec hill sprints on the hogback! Wahoo actually did my speed work for the day!

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 8 miles tempo; went to North Table thinking it might be a bit dry, but I was sorely mistaken. Turned out not to be so much of a tempo run due to all the mud, had a really hard time keeping traction anywhere.

Friday: 8 miles moderate; neighborhood laps

Saturday: 7.5 miles moderate; Flying J laps, felt good and beautiful day, trail super runnable.

Sunday: 12.0 miles moderate; neighborhood laps, thought I would beat the storm but started snowing 1/4 mile into the run so mostly got to run through another white out, exhausted but legs feeling great. 


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