Training Time

I was super excited to really start my training this year. I think taking a couple months of low mileage has really paid off both mentally and physically. I feel like I'm running strong and really excited to start training again. It's basically exactly where I need to be this time of year! 

It was another tough week of getting in runs though. Cold weather meant no stroller runs and New Years meant lots of family time at home. So we painted...a lot! James loves painting and it kills a solid 30 min of time, plus I feel like I've done a good activity with James. But man by Monday I was really ready to get back to work and back on schedule. I know James really needs his schedule, but I'm beginning to realize he might not be the only one. 

I mostly did laps in the neighborhood and treadmill runs this week. Nothing fancy or super fun, but I got the miles and training in. It's just really tough when we can't just all go to Bear Creek for a run together. Now it's get runs in while James naps, which means one gets the treadmill and baby monitor and the other gets laps in the neighborhood. Not to mention all the fun stuff we put off all summer and had been trying to get done while James napped. Thankfully we've really knocked down that list over the past few months. I think the biggest improvement in my training this week was I actually changed up my runs. They weren't all my favorite moderate speed, moderate distance runs that I rely so heavily on. I didn't get in my long run, but I did have easy runs and fast runs, pushed it on some. I'm hoping I can carry this through my training this year. I know it will help my training in the long run.

Friday I also got some great news and found out I was accepted onto the Pearl Izumi Champion Team! I've been training and racing in their shoes for several years now and am excited to be a part of the team! Maybe that was the extra motivation to get my training in gear as well!
Week December 29 - January 4

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 6 miles; treadmill
Wednesday: 6 miles; neighborhood laps before the storm hit
Thursday: 8 miles; fast treadmill run
Friday: 13 miles; laps in the neighborhood then met Dan at Bear Creek
Saturday: 6 miles; snowy laps in neighborhood
Sunday: 6 miles; laps in neighborhood

Miles Running: 45.0
Hours Hiking and Running:7.0


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