Kazoo Bands and Badasses

After last weeks dismal miles I was in a panic to get my training back on track. I feel like the days are ticking by toward Run Rabbit and a long run hasn't happened since Cheyenne. So this week I made it my priority to run and get in my miles at any cost. I hit the treadmill with a vengeance at the beginning of the week. Tempo runs, incline workouts, speed workouts, all followed by hiking with the boys afterwards. I figure pushing a double B.O.B. up the mini mountain in our neighborhood has got to count for something. My legs certainly would tell you it counts!
Top of Mt Pritchard lap 10!

Thursday was my best bet for a long run. So I loaded Robert into the B.O.B. and trudged up our mini mountain...10 laps for 20 miles and 3500 ft of vertical, one feeding break and one mention of a crazy neighbor. Seriously one older man came chasing me down on his moped to ask what I was doing. Yes, I'm your crazy neighbor who is training for a 100 mile race by running this 2 mile loop. Someday I'm sure I'll be that old neighbor watching the young kids from the porch and thinking they must all be crazy.

The crazy neighbor was quickly forgotten though when Sunday I was pushing James up Mt Carbon and a guy came up from behind calling out "wow, you're a badass running like that". I think badass is a much better way to close the week than crazy neighbor so I'm sticking with it. 

James raced his Ironkids event on Saturday, although I was a bit disappointed that they changed the format from last year so it was just a fun run. No bike. We've been working so hard on the Strider bike to get him ready. Oh well, we'll find another race for him to rock his bike at. 

In other news James learned to play the kazoo at Adam's Camp...he hasn't stopped playing it either. And Robert's starting to let out a couple smiles, but mostly just grunts his disapproval at us. I'm pretty sure he's siding with my neighbor that I'm more crazy than badass.

Week July 27 - August 2

Miles: 64.5
Hours: 10

Post race celebration!


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