The Beast

The only way to describe this week is it was a beast. I'm tired thinking about it! It actually might have been the best mental training possible. Running 100 miles has nothing on what it took just to stay alive this week. Monday through Wednesday seemed like a dream. Just easy days with Robert. And then came Thursday...daycare closed. James' daycare moved to a new facility so they had to shutdown from Thurs until Tuesday. That meant 5 days of me with both boys. It was honestly the hardest thing I've ever done...and that's not just because I was left pushing a 70+lb B.O.B. to get my runs in. 
Night hike

The double B.O.B. is a Beast in it's own right. That's the only way to explain it. As I heaved that damn thing up Mt Carbon I just kept reminding myself how easy it would make running up the ski hill in a couple weeks seem. But we did have fun. We played at the lake on our run, we rode our bikes, painted, baked cookies...okay yes anything possible to  keep the monster busy. I absolutely love James' energy, but if only I could contain it or channel it and use it at appropriate times. Balancing an infant and a James is a ridiculous task. But watching James love on Robert and want to be able to play with him was worth all the exhaustion, headaches and tears. 

Friday my legs were screaming from the 16 miles I'd run over the past couple days with the Beast so when Dan called to say he was coming home early to go camping for the weekend I was thrilled to have an excuse for some short runs. But let me tell you camping for the first time with an infant and a James is no easy task. 

All worth the hell of both boys at home

Training-wise it was a bit of a disappointing week since I wasn't able to get in a long run. While Pike's was a long run in terms of time on feet I'm definitely a bit worried about two weeks in a row without a real long run. I still have a couple more weeks and my overall mileage wasn't too bad so hopefully it will all come together before I have to start tapering. 

Week August 17 - 23

Miles: 54.5
Hours: 9.5
A little driveway art

They got to go nuts in the old classroom before they moved

Insisted on wearing his backpack for our after dinner hike

The Beast

Dinner getting used to the camper

Yes, I built a sandbox at the camp site for James

Leadville weekend!!!!

Camp site


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