White Shoe Boxes

Last Friday I sat in the back of my Uncle's car next to Robert and listened as the lyrics heaven let your light shine on me played on the radio. We were heading to celebrate her amazing life and the legacy she was leaving behind. I couldn't help but think that I was pretty sure my Gram's light was shining down on me at that moment. I can only hope that I can reflect some of Gram's light onto others. 

Little Grammy as we so affectionately called her outlasted everyone living to 97! That's a full life and a life that will be very missed. She was honestly the sweetest, nicest woman you could possibly ever meet. She not only never said a bad word about anyone, but she always saw the best in them. I'm not nearly that good of a person, but maybe if I try I can be half as nice, that would still be pretty much up there on the sweet scale. 

The one thing she taught me above all others though was love. My Grandpa passed away long before I was even born. But as long as I knew my Gram's she always wore her wedding ring. I don't think I've ever known another widow to wear their wedding ring every day for 46 years. That's true love. I might not have known my Grandpa but he must have been a pretty special man for her to never even think twice about finding love again. And they must have had a special relationship for her to feel that way. I look to her for guidance on days when Dan or I are being particularly 'awesome' and I need that little reminder about true love. She is a strong and amazing woman. 

Though she be little she is fierce 

Every year a couple weeks before Christmas a white shoe box would arrive in the mail. Inside the box was perfectly folded sheets of wax paper protecting these delicate cookies. My favorites were these little butter cookies with raspberry jam. I have tried a million times to make these cookies and I can't even get close. Gram's were perfectly pale, the jelly perfectly cooked and they never spread out, there were literally the perfect cookie. Mine are always slight odd shaped and golden brown around the edges. Maybe in another 60 years I'll have them perfected. I'll never forget that white shoe box that was packed full of Gram's love...it was my favorite part of Christmas.

I'll never make perfect cookies like Grams, my apple pie will never be as flaky, my tomatoes never as plump and my grass never as green, but I will try every day to show my family as much love as she showed me.

Week August 3 - 9

Miles: 52.5
Hours: 9.5


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