Baby Cows and Pockets

Keepin' it real
Lately my life seems to revolve mostly around baby cows. I mean who doesn't love a cute baby cow, but I'm pretty sure James thinks he's getting a baby cow for his birthday. He's apparently well on his way to learning about disappointment and my failure as a mom. We are not getting James a baby cow for his birthday. The obsession started because I refuse to let him watch cartoons or kids shows in the mornings or before nap. So when I need to calm him down and drink his milk I let him watch cooking or home improvement shows. My theory was he would never like them and wouldn't get hooked on TV. Backfire. For awhile we were obsessed with Pioneer Woman, but we got over that and were had switched to Fixer Upper, mostly because I have a secret obsession with that show and really want Joanna to come decorate my house. Well one week this new episode was soon as James saw the kids feeding the baby cows he was obsessed! Now nearly every waking moment is spent talking about baby cows. We only want to wear our night diapers because they have sheep on them and he thinks they look like baby cows.Needless to say I've been on a hunt for toddler underwear with baby cows in the hopes that they'll make him want to wear them. 

Snow days call for a trip to Big R to buy baby cow boots 
In between watching the feeding of baby cows I have been trying to get in some training. This is the most structured training I've done since college and I'm just hoping it'll pay off. I've added 4 am hikes on the treadmill at 15% incline a couple days a week, home pilates routines, more hip exercises and have been trying to keep my mileage above 50 mpw, really I'd like to be more like 60-75, but that just hasn't been happening. And the consistency looks more like a toddlers emotions. I can't say it's all been pretty, but I've been mostly able to stick with it. Rob was sick again last week so my mileage was back in the hole. I was hoping the longer days would help with training, but the sunshine was quickly replaced with multiple feet of snow.

Overall I feel like having two kids is absolutely insane and I was way less prepared than I was going from zero to one. But I'm slowly adjusting and when Rob's not sick and actually sleeps I can get a fairly good routine going. He's also finally started to roll...I swear this kid is so lazy. He's just starting to think maybe being mobile wouldn't be so bad. One of these days he'll get there, but I'm not pushing it. James meanwhile is on fire. His sentences have become sentences like "Mama, get it" "Get ball Daddy" "I want Roar please" sound just like any other toddler eh? And he recently discovered pockets which by the way are frickin' amazing! Who knew? You can stick your hands in them, you can fill mom's pockets with loads of goodness, the options are really endless. 
because why not?

Trust me dude we all feel the same way at this point

It seemed more like Christmas than Easter anyways

More snow day small town fun

Mama said no candy...


Bro hug

James ate his first bite of cake...but don't expect him to actually touch it...


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