Sunshine and Strollers

Well James ran 3/4 mile across the dam on Saturday, which is about equivalent to how much I ran last week. 

I'm glad at least that warmer weather has moved in and we can return to our weekends of stroller runs and Costco trips. Robert also seems to be enjoying our family outings which is good because he doesn't have much choice. In this tribe you need to be able to enjoy family runs. Plus when the whole family gets outside we're all nicer people. We also got in some time on the "wee" which of course led to a toddler sized tantrum when it was time to leave, but still worth the smiles.

And James learned how to put on his coat at school...I think we still have a little work to do..."tag to toe buddy!"

Next week is game time for Quad Rock training. I'm excited to really start training and see if these old legs still have it in them.


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