I Will Get It

Well last week's snow definitely put a damper on running this week! Of course it was only made worse by the mid-week snow! It was such a tease to see a few weeks if warm weather only to be slapped in the face with multiple feet of snow! 

Thursday I said screw it and threw on my microspikes to charge up Green Mountain. I actually found myself wishing it was colder so I was running on snow covered mud. I needed to get out to a trail that day, but man it was brutal conditions. I still hit some decent mileage for the week but it seemed like nearly every run was cut short so I'm still disappointed with myself and getting frustrated that my training will never get there. I'm usually pretty ok with my treadmill miles, but at this point I want to set the thing on fire! 

I even thought about getting away from 100s for a bit until I could get my training back where I need it to be. And Dan reminded me if I can't get my head in the right place I'll never make it out if Winfield. That it's not much more training than you need for a 50, but you need to be mentally all there. 
I mean really, what don't baby cow boots go with?

Maybe that's also what James has been trying to tell me all week as well. Of course he's not helping with his toddler-paced way of life. This week everything has literally been mama I will get it. Seriously how can I say no to a five word sentence and the little dude's fierce desire for independence? I put on his shirt only te receive a no mama I will get it. So shirt off, roll it up put it in his hands and watch him pull it over his head and then fish for the arm holes. Then pants and socks and shoes and coat. I appreciate the message and his desire to do it himself, but goodness things take forever these days! But at the end of it, that crazy toothed grin is plastered on his face as he admires his work with a I did it! Once again James I'm going to listen to your toddler wisdom and hopefully come August there will be to huge smiles saying I did it!
boys and their trucks

I would choose a piezometer to have James run to!

family fun run!


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