Sunshine Daydreamer

It's official this family thrives on sunshine! We are all much better people when we get our daily doses of vitamin D. April is the 3rd snowiest month in Colorado and it's a tease...70 one day 2 ft of snow the next. This week delivered nothing but sunshine. 

For me I always need to start my weeks out strong or they tend to fizzle before they even get started. So Monday at 4 am I charged my incline workout and then followed that with 6 min hill repeats that afternoon. All week was spent on trails trudging up and down Apex and Falcon. Dan and I did get 3 runs together which was awesome! We haven't had that for awhile. 

On Falcon Friday I finally got a solid long run in and am feeling much more confident about Quad Rock. Four more solid weeks of training and then taper time. It's still my first real race in what feels like forever so I need to make sure my head is on right as well as my legs being trained up. I think the positive thing is I have no real idea how I'll do so I'm focused less on the other competition and more on myself. If I can string together another good 3 weeks of training I'll be pretty stoked! 


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