Over the last couple weeks I've made
a huge commitment to get myself in the best shape possible for Leadville. But I know it's not just about logging miles in the mountains. If I'm going to build up this quickly and stay healthy my legs need to be bombproof. Now let's not go getting excited that I might have stepped foot in a gym...or even lifted a weight for that matter. Instead I've put together a series of pilates-based exercises to strengthen my core, back, arms and mostly my legs. So far I've stuck with it the past couple weeks and am starting to see more definition in my legs. I'm just hoping it helps. 

As for running I've managed another week of hard training and making running a real priority. This week I hit 80 miles and 11k feet of vertical. My long run wasn't quite as long as I had hoped due to thunderstorms that moved in before I was done. I could have gone for more vert there as well, but instead I balanced it with a super runnable hill at Three Sisters. So while it wasn't the steepest hill, aside from Hope and Powerlines Leadville is super runnable, so I need to be prepared. And I ran this run hard. 

So another week of hard training done. I'm still second guessing everything wondering if I'm doing enough, running enough, strength training enough, hiking and climbing enough, enough long runs, It seems I constantly see posts of everyone else doing 30+ mile long runs every weekend, hiking 14ers non-stop, 3 hour weekday in my head I still continue to wonder am I doing enough. That damn comparison monster is always there. I just have to trust it. I've done this before I know what works for me. And I'm training harder than I have before. So time to trust it. That's all I can do at this point. 

The other thing is I'm really having fun! When I was debating running this year Sandra said to me that she was afraid she was losing me, that I was losing me. And stepping up my training I think she was right. All my running before seemed to be centered around the kids, what time I had to get them, how much it would take away from them, whatever they had going on. I've tried to focus more on what runs I need. And really I haven't given up anything for the boys, I've just mentally told myself my runs are a priority. Now the house may look like a disaster most days and dinners aren't quite as nice as they have been, but the house is clean enough and there is food on the table. Pretty sure that's all that really counts anyways right? And the boys seem to be doing all right...


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