Decision 2016

Contrary to popular belief this was actually probably the biggest decision I had to make this year. And I did nothing short of agonize over it. I got my LT100 coin on Saturday and had until 3pm Wednesday to decide. It took nearly every minute to figure out if I was going to race in 2016 or defer to 2017. 

The smart decision would be to defer. I'm not in peak shape, I'm barely sleeping which is not lending itself to recovery and there is no telling if I can actually change any of that in the couple months before race day. 2017 I'd be ready to have an amazing race, I'd be perfectly trained, no need for pumping, most likely sleeping more...the list goes on. 

But there's always that what if...what if could be a million things. My heart said you don't know what will happen now. Sometimes there is no second chance, sometimes this is the only chance you get -Gordy Ansleigh rang through my head. 

My heart is 0-2 in 100s...but you never know if you don't try. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed and so I clicked back, back, back on my registration, threw caution to the wind and once again decided to follow my heart. Third times a charm right? 

Despite feeling rushed to train I knew I needed to spend the week after the race recovering. So I ran easy and came up with a game plan to train for the rest of the summer. It's one day at a time and each day I'm making my runs a huge priority. The house will probably be a bit of a disaster, I'm hoping for 4 showers a week and dinner will probably be a rotation of grilled chicken salads and pasta with meat sauce since I can prep all of those ahead of time. 

This past week I nailed my training with almost 70 miles and over 14,000 ft of vert. I'm not a high mileage runner so for me that's a pretty high mileage week. Dan and I also got in a super fun long run at Golden Gate SP. I felt great! My legs were there, no stomach issues, my nutrition was on point and even after I wasn't sore or tired. I could easily have gone longer. It was a huge confidence boost for sure. So one day at a time for a couple more weeks and hopefully I'll be at least in sight of that peak 100 shape. 


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