A is for...

blah...hiking...it had better pay off at some point
Influenza A....sometimes it feels like just as you get back to training well you get knocked right back down. Yes, I missed my flu shot this year...amidst a flurry of 30 other doctor and therapy appointments it's not always easy to remember the ones for yourself. So I missed it...probably the last time I'll do that. I went down hard. Contrary to popular belief it's not a stomach bug not the kind that you can at least walk away saying well I lost 5 lbs. Nope it's all respiratory so a runners worst dream. The positive is that the flu shots do work and the boys stayed safe of this nastiness! 
This is what happens when a runner can't run

After 4 days I was able to start hiking on the treadmill but anything faster than that and I was bent over in a fit of coughs. So my long run became 2 hours of hiking at a 15% incline. That hill at Surf City had better watch out because that's about the only part I'm trained for. I still have a couple more weeks to train so hopefully all is not lost. But Surf City will not definitely just be a training run at this point. A training run for what I'm still not certain. At some point I will post 2017 goals but it's hard to really develop my goals until I have a race schedule.

Well I'm ready to see what next week brings. Hell maybe a week of resting the legs will have been good for me and I'll miraculously be consistently running sub-7s and somehow pullout a PR!
Go Pack Go!


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