Girls Run Fast

Last week I got in the miles but my biggest fear this week was if my legs would remember how to run fast at all. I don't typically run fast and haven't even tried to run fast in months. So the goal for this week was to run as much as possible and throw in some speed work to boot.

Tuesday was supposed to be a speed workout but as I watched the freezing rain cover the ground in a thick layer of ice my motivation began to wain. With roads and sidewalks completely out of the picture I took to Green for hill sprints. Done. More elevation than I probably needed but at least I pushed the pace. Then some fast miles at Matt-Winters and Green. By Friday my ass had been thoroughly kicked...literally! I've also been doing Pilates and goodness my ass hurts. Add to that the 70 miles I've run in the last 7 days which is more than I typically run in the offseason. So when Dan said half marathon at race pace I grumbled. And then promptly knocked out a half at 7:19 pace. We'll see if I can hold that for twice as long but at least I know there is still some muscle memory there and I'm pretty stoked about that.

Just like last year I think it's good for me to remember how to run fast in the offseason. That way my legs know what to do on the flat sections in races. So it's looking like Surf City is a go. I can guarantee it won't be pretty and I'll be running a hell of a lot more with my heart than my legs and it's gonna really hurt afterwards. But in that good you worked hard and are ready to really hit the training kind of way.

one of those rare elusive smiles...brought on by eating lemon slices

finally got a family run

James started dance class


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