Campers and Road Running

This week I finally was able to get back to training, slow training but none-the-less it still counts as running. Tuesday I managed 2.47 miles on the bike path before I got distracted by a trail and since even on the bike path there was no way I could do speed work yet I headed straight up the hill. This marathon is certainly going to be an interesting one...

Then Wednesday was beautiful and I had to go find another trail....

Then James got strep and I was stuck on the treadmill. Fridays long run was 1 mile...that is almost exactly like a long run to some people. I was slightly panicked about how I would manage to run Surf City and realized that if I didn't find a way to make a long run happen this weekend the race wasn't going to happen. Saturday was just a busy day so a long run would mean starting at 2:30 am...I hit the TM at 4:30 am...still impressive for a Saturday but still a couple hours short. Sunday it wasn't pretty, it wasn't exciting and it was certainly not fast and flat, but 20 miles and 2900' of vert later I was done. Now if only all that vert can somehow translate to speed on flat surfaces I should be fine. I just really don't know if my legs will remember how to run fast.
never too sick to bake cupcakes

The goal for this fast...speed work...repeats...anything to wake up these legs!

I also got distracted by Dan picking up our new toy this week...ah race season is going to rock in this beast! The boys are absolutely in love! As we pulled up the driveway on Wednesday James' eye got huge and he just started screaming 'campa, campa, campa'! So if you're looking for us at all this summer we'll hopefully be spending damn near every weekend out exploring or racing in our camper! So excited about it! We're totally going to be those parents who are crushed when their kids no longer want to go camping with them. Of course we'll have to see how the first trip goes...I may be singing a different tune after that.

gotta love antibiotics...full recovery by Sunday for a hike with Daddy while I long ran away


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