A day of Thanksgiving from the top of a mountain

I couldn't think of a better way to spend my Thanksgiving morning than on top of a mountain thinking about all I have to be thankful for from the past year. Okay, it could have maybe been better if my boys were with me...next year. Certainly at the top of my list this year is James. Shortly after James was born I mentioned that he had taught me patience and love. In the ensuing months he has brought more laughter and smiles into my life than I could have ever thought possible. He has this way of lighting up a room and melting hearts. While James, with his Ds diagnosis, may not have been what I was expecting I couldn't be more thankful for what I have been given. In the few months we've shared with James he has altered my view of the world. I have never been a super career-driven person, but I can't deny my type A personality. James has shown me that there are so many more important things out there and we need to stop and enjoy each one of them. What do we really have it we don't stop to enjoy life? I am also thankful for the wonderful Ds community we have been introduced to. We have met some amazing people who have given us incredible support. I hope to be able to return this support and continue to be an advocate for Down syndrome research. I also couldn't imagine having gone through the last month of my pregnancy and delivery without Dan's cousin, Kelle. She gave us so much support and comfort; we knew she wouldn't let anything happen to our lil grommie. Having Kelle there when the pediatrician came in with the Ds diagnosis was something I will forever be thankful for, probably more so than she'll ever know. That's what family's for right? We are so lucky to have such an incredible team of doctors and therapists, especially at Children's. I couldn't imagine not having access to this kind of care. The doctors are truly concerned about James and not just whatever specialty they are, but James and our family. Its an incredible place and I am so thankful for this resource.

While this year has been the year of James I am also thankful for the time I got to spend with Robert. While I wish we could have had many more runs together I will forever be grateful for the laughs, the tears and all the moments we shared. I will be thankful for the lessons he taught me about life. I will cherish every moment, I will keep my head up to watch the sunrises and sunsets, to soak in the beauty of the mountains. I will force a smile even when it hurts and I will always try to offer up words of encouragement to others around me. These are the things I remember the most about Robert and will carry with me forever. I am thankful to Rob's family for sharing such an incredible person with me. But in all honesty, yeah I'd be a hell of a lot more thankful if Robert were still here and we were busy planning our next training run and race.

While I wish there didn't have to be guardian angels I'm so glad James has some very special guardian angels watching out for him. I know Maggie and Robert are among those sharing their huge hearts with James and helping him heal his heart. There are no words to express how thankful I am to know James will always be in good hands.

This week as I ran each step I reminded myself that I am so thankful I have the ability to be out here. I thought about all those who can't do this, who can't run to the top of a mountain and I ran harder for them. And talk about incredible runs! Tuesday I got in my first two a day in awhile. At lunch I introduced Matt to trail running. I love getting people stoked on something I love so much!

Thursday I had an amazing adventure run. Nick, who I met at Buffalo Creek last week, inviting me to check out some new trails near his house. Now these trails aren't technically open to the public yet, but it was a holiday and it called for a special run. We tried out several trails, crossed a stream, ducked the ropes and ended up climbing some mountain. What amazing views we were treated to! I'm so excited for these trails to open up so we can officially run them! And great to have a new running friend too!

Saturday I was beginning to feel a cold coming on so opted for a shorter run. I still felt like I had something in me though. So determined to break 40 minutes I headed out to Meyers. As I was leaving Dan reminded me to "run within yourself". I told him I felt a PR within myself! I took off running and pushed it, the whole way up I kept reminding myself "run within yourself, run within yourself" but also to continue to push myself. With less than a half mile left I glanced at my watch and knew it was going to be close, actually I really wasn't sure I could make it under 40 but knew I had to push it and not give up. I pushed it all the way back to the parking lot and when I hit stop on my Garmin it read 39:52! I've been working for at least a year to see that! It was great to see all the hard work pay off and know that I am capable of attaining goals that seem slightly lofty.

I am so thankful for all the wonderful people I have met this year, you are all truly special and will be in my heart forever. 

Week November 19-25

Miles Running: 36.3
Hours Hiking and Running: 8.5

I'm trying out a new training blog site that details each run. It more of a way to track my mileage and details about each run. Check it out: http://siobhan.treadhub.com

Well sweet potatoes didn't go any better than oatmeal...


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