Good Morning

With a crazy schedule of doctors appointments and business meetings I decided to get back to morning runs. The time change also helped out with this. When I drop James off at daycare its already quite sunny. I was surprised how many more runners were out in the morning than I typically see in the afternoon and everyone was full of smiles and "good mornings". It certainly put a pep in my step throughout the day and I think I'll be returning the morning runs to the schedule more often.

Friday morning I was greeted with the gorgeous alpenglow that only a sunrise can bring. As I drove into work it made me wish I was cresting a mountain top somewhere to take in this site. You can't help but smile as you lay witness to such a sunrise. Knowing the day hold the promise of a great run...just get through the morning, get your work done and get your feet on the dirt!

After a week of beautiful sunrises I was slapped in the face by Ol' Man Winter on Saturday. I partly deserved it though. Instead of running right away in the morning before the storm really moved in I decided I wanted to wait until it started snowing. By late morning a light snow had started so I bundled up and headed out. As I crested Conifer Mountain I was surrounded by low lying thick clouds. I couldn't help but think how peaceful it was running in the light snow, not a sound to be heard. And then hmmm...that sounds quite similar to thunder. No it can't be, must be someone doing some crazy thing to their house or yard. Not sure why you would be working like that in this weather, but it must be something other than thunder right? There it was again, distinctly thunder this time. And by this time the light, peaceful snow had turned into little ice balls, much more hail-like than snow-like. Ice balls pinging off your face is most certainly not the most pleasant feeling. I hadn't worn a neck gaitor because the snow was pretty light and it wasn't that cold. As the thunder got worse I began to wonder if Dan would come out looking for me. Turns out he did, he just couldn't find me. I finally made it back to the house no worse for the wear, but maybe next time I'll double think waiting for the snow to start.

Sunday morning wasn't much better. I threw on a few layers and headed out thinking it can't be that cold. As I opened the door I was greeted with a pretty cold draft. I was only wearing capri lengh tights, so I just pulled them down a bit and told myself to stop complaining it wasn't that cold. The wind turned out to be pretty brutal and I cut my run a bit short. When I got home I checked the weather to see just how cold it was...turns out it was a solid 5F with the windchill. Pretty chilly for early winter! Looks like winter is here to stay for awhile at least so time to pull out the rest of the winter gear and get used to these chilly temps!

Week November 5 - 11

Miles Running: 26.1
Hours Running and Hiking: 5.5


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