Five percent

Along the Narrow Gauge Trail
Five percent...I prefer to think of five percent as the top. If you finish a race in the top 5% it means you were in the at the top, one of the fastest in the race. I think this is how James views 5% as well. Maybe its also because we're both on the shorter side of things. When James was born he was below the 5% for weight and length, he still is, but I like to think it means he's in the top 5% of us shorties. His cardiologist also said there was about a 5% chance his heart would close on its own. Well as of a few weeks ago the report from the cardiologist, with high 5s included, was his heart was doing just that. So I guess James is just a 5% kinda guy...I wonder what other things he'll be in the top 5% of...
The boys playing on our rock

This week I had been hoping to up the miles a bit, but with Dan on a luxury spa vacation (aka. business trip to Salt Lake) it definitely made getting the miles in a bit tough. Its still my down month though so I have more of a run when I can, run when I want to attitude. So I mostly ran without a watch and got in the miles I could. I also got back to do some of my strength training exercises, which is great for my knees, and got in some good hikes.

Sunday Dan and I decided that since James is now off oxygen during the day we would take him on one of our favorite hikes. We loaded up the boys and headed to Buffalo Creek to hike the Strawberry Jack trail. It was a gorgeous day with a bit of that crisp fall air that seems to warm your heart. This was a hike Dan and I used to take Seamus on every Friday. We referred to them as our beer hikes and it was a great way to kick off the weekend. We would sit on our rock, let Seamus run around and enjoy a delicious beer. Sunday we traded in our beers for hot chocolate, and watched Seamus run around while James played with his favorite ball. As we sat there and watched our little family we thought about what the future held, about all the hikes we would continue to go on and the adventures we would pursue. And we thought about the previous few months and all we had been through as a little family. And mostly we just smiled and laughed.

"In this great future we can't forget the past, so dry your tears I say" -Bob Marley

Week October 22-28
Miles Running: 17.5
Hours Hiking and Running: 5.5

Hanging out on our rock

Bear Hug!


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