James cheering on the Irish

It was a week full of firsts for us. James' first Halloween, first attempt in the exersaucer, first attempt of solid food. I also managed a PR at Meyer Ranch. All in all not a bad week. James made a perfect moose and while his legs still don't quite hit the ground in the exersaucer and he can't totally hold himself up, he seemed to have a blast with it. The solid food, oatmeal, was maybe not the highlight of the week. While James seemed unsure of it at first on the second go he decided it was better to just throw up on me than to even attempt to swallow it.  

In between Halloween parties and birthday parties I managed to squeeze in a few miles. Including a PR at Meyer Ranch. I don't get a chance to run there too often any more so it was great returning to the old stomping grounds. I didn't feel great on that run, not terrible either, but when I looked at my watch and realized I had PRed and almost broke 40 min I was pretty excited. I guess I'm going to have to make a point of getting back there soon so I can cut off the last 30 seconds and officially
break 40. 

Sunday night I took Seamus out for a sunset hike. It was a gorgeous night for a walk with the dog. Perfect temps and beautiful sunset...great end to the week. All in all work was really busy this week and the motivation to get out on good training runs still wasn't really there. Next week is the registration for the Leadville Marathon...who's in? Time to buckle down and get running!

Week October 29 - November 4

Miles Running: 17
Hours Running and Hiking: 5

Sunset hike with Seamus


  1. Alice hated plain oatmeal too... after the first week, I would mix a little applesauce in to give it some taste and then water it back down with breast milk to the consistency I wanted. She would find it much more agreeable! James is so cute with his stripes!

    1. I had heard pears are good to mix in too, but using breast milk to get a better consistency is a great idea! His PT said he just might not be ready for solid food and suggested waiting a bit longer, but I'll definitely have to try this. Thanks!


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