Although the odds be great or small...

Our little jailbird!
 It felt great to get my mileage back up this week. Also a bit strange that I no longer feel quite normal if I don't get in at least 30 miles in a week. I'm not sure what that means for my mental status, clearly something is not quite right up there. Although there could be much worse things than a running addiction.  Dan also got back at it this week, after a short hiatus due to a cold and busy work schedule. With the shorter days he's pretty restricted to running through downtown or the Cherry Creek bike path, but really anything is better than a treadmill!

Monday I worked from home with James and that afternoon he fell asleep so I was hoping to hop on the treadmill for a quick run. I laid him down, yes on his back and vertical, in his crib and went to change into my running clothes. By the time I got back I realized James had learned a new trick! Of course being James he has only mastered rolling from his back to his stomach and then proceeds to get mad when he gets stuck on his stomach. Its amazing to watch him progress and get stronger. I swear he seems to get stronger each day...interesting that I hope to be getting stronger each day as well. I guess us 5%ers have quite a bit in common!

Sunday I went out for my first long run since GT50.  So I of course made my way to the tried and true trails of Buffalo Creek. Since this is a prime spot for mountain biking its not terribly common to see other runners. But as I parked my car I saw another runner, Nick, getting out of his car. I ended up starting just ahead of him, but he caught up to me quickly. We ran together for a bit and then I fell back on the climbs, I was just not feeling the climbs for some reason. Or maybe that reason was due to the previous night's celebration of an Irish victory and subsequent loses from K State and Oregon. I did catch up to him on the flats on downs and was really only 10-20 seconds behind him for most of the climb. My goal was to keep him in sight the whole time. It was nice to have someone to run with especially since I was feeling tired and struggling a bit on the climb. He's training for Hardrock and had DNFed at Leadville so definitely someone fun to chat with.  At 4.5 he turned off to finish the Buck Gulch loop and I headed right toward Gashouse. Shortly after leaving Nick my stomach started to fall apart again, blah I hate these stomach issues. I decided to cut the run a bit short and just did and out and back on Gashouse for almost 16 miles. Still a good run for the first one in roughly 5 weeks. I was also surprised to see that for not feeling all the great I was still on my pace for 3 hrs for the whole 18 mile loop.

Week November 12 - 18

Miles Running: 31.5
Hours Running and Hiking: 7


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