100 Demons 100 Reasons

After I ran the North Fork 50 I was sitting chatting with Cheryl, whom I had met on a training run. It was both of our first 50, but she was also registered for that year's Leadville 100. She looked at me, shaking her head, and said "I don't think I have 100 demons! 50 yes, but 100 no." I wasn't sure I had a 100 demons to run out either. I've always said if everything's not okay at the end of a run, keep running. I've never finished a run still carrying onto whatever I started with, no tears, no worries, no stress. I've been thinking about these demons a bit lately. Do I have 100 demons to run out? I still don't think so, but I do have 100 reasons to run 100 miles.
  1. For me
  2. To prove I can
  3. For James
  4. to bring awareness and raise money for Ds research
  5. to finally break the tape
  6. for the buckle
  7. To see the world from Hope Pass (and in case I forget what it looks like after the first time, I'll check it out again!)
  8. For all those who can't
  9. For those who have said I can't
  10. To prove that hardwork and dedication pays off
  11. So I can say I ran 100 miles...at once
  12. Its the Leadville 100, that should be reason enough
  13. For Robert
  14. To finish what I started
  15. To inspire James to never give up
  16. To inspire James to set the bar high
  17. So that Dan isn't the only one in the family with a LT100 buckle
  18. To not quit
  19. To encourage others to push their limits
  20. For the Dale's at the finish, I've heard DPA tastes better after running 100 miles
  21. "Because it's there" -Sir Edmund Hillary
I guess I have a few more reasons to think of...but I'll have 100 shortly!

This week it was hard not to think about Boston on every run. While 3ft of snow and my body's need for an easier week caused my mileage to go down a bit, every mile I ran was a quality mile. I pushed myself on each run to run harder and faster. Friday I summited Green Mountain again, in an extremely tough run. The run up wasn't terrible, but at the top the sun crust was thick and sharp. Several times I stopped, my ankles throbbing from being sliced apart. But every time I stopped I remembered that I still got to run up a mountain, while Green isn't the largest or most scenic, I stood on top of a mountain that day and there were many people who didn't get to do that. So I pushed on, I didn't quit or give up, I guess that would have been tough given that I still had to get down somehow. But in the end I had a pretty decent week of high quality miles. Looking forward to another week of high mileage before things slow down leading up to Quad Rock.

Week April 15 - 21

Miles Running: 25.0
Hour Running and Hiking: 4.5


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