A Fine Line

Our happy, smiley guy
After a week of pretty good mileage, at least more than I've been running, traveling and well just being James' mom I was left totally exhausted. I've learned that every time I try to push too much when I hit that point of exhaustion I end up just getting sick. This past week was a battle between balancing running enough miles without overdoing it. In the end I backed off the miles a bit, Sunday I could feel I was starting to get sick so I was pretty much forced to take it a bit easier. I think this plan paid off though as I'm still healthy. Its just such a mind game wanting to push it further and harder, run more miles, but knowing when to back off as well.

I still got in some good runs. It was a gorgeous, super warm week, which meant shorts and a t-shirt and no screws! Dan and I had another date run on Friday. We went up to Elk Meadows to run Bergen Peak. I haven't run there in what felt like ages so it was fun to run some new trails. We ended up having to turn around about a half mile from the summit because there was just too much snow and ice for no screws. Plus we had gotten really cold since it was near 70 at the base and we didn't have any warmer gear on us.

I ran Conifer Mountain on Saturday since we had so much to do on the house. It was the first run all week where I really was feeling like I had gotten my legs back under me and felt great. I think I found that sweet spot this week between still getting decent miles without overdoing it and running myself into the ground. I feel good to get in another really strong week next week!

It's unbelievable how much James has grown the past week. He is so much more engaged in everything that is going on around him. He has gotten super strong in sitting, starting to mimic more, focusing better, and is eating quite a bit more. Of course he's also learned how to speak his mind a bit more. Heaven forbid he knock all of his alligator pieces off his excersaucer! Hopefully he figures out how to pull the pieces back soon, because the cries it elicits when the alligator is no longer there are hilarious! This lil grommie has certainly learned to let you know when he need something from you. We even tried puffs this week and he is absolutley in love! Who knew!

Week April 1 - 7

Miles Running: 36
Hours Running and Hiking: 7


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