Running along Shinglemill during the RDS film shoot
I've never taken the easy path. Never followed the straight, smooth road. It's just not my style. Something catches my eye in the distance and I just kinda wander that way. I guess its just become part of who I am. A trailblazer. I hadn't really thought of it like that until this weekend when we were filming for RDS, but it certainly fits. I remember when I was little and my Dad would get "lost" and he would always tell us he was just trailblazing, its what he did in the Army. I had these visions of my Dad standing in a field holding a compass and trying to figure out where he was going. Now I'm the one standing in the forest, usually without a compass, just following my heart.

This was a really exciting week! While my mileage was a bit low it was okay because the week was so great in many other ways. The beginning of the week brought along yet another snow storm. And to be honest, as much as I love snow...I'm over it for the season! I want dry fast trails that you can just fly over! No more snow crust, icy more screws or gaitors! Its time for shorts and t-shirts! Okay enough of the whining... 

James and Seamus slowly becoming BFFs!
Friday Dan and I got in a great morning run! I love running in the morning. It's quiet and peaceful and with the recent precip things were starting to turn green and the air smelled of that fresh spring scent. We had a great run at Matt-Winters. I did one loop on my own and then we did a second together. Dan was running strong and kept a faster pace than he has been, so I know things are looking good for his season this year. I have no doubt he'll be setting a few PRs.

Friday afternoon we started filming for a RDS video that's a bit about our story to help raise awareness and money for Ds research. I'm really excited about this project! The storyboard is amazing and the video clips I've seen so far are really cool. It was a great weekend seeing what all goes into filming and sharing the trails I love with new friends. While I never take the views for granted sometimes you forget how lucky you are to run trails or roads with views of Pike's Peak or Bierstadt nearly every day. We filmed Friday and Saturday and I can't wait to see the final product. Stayed tuned for more details on "Run with Siobhan"
Ready for the draft

Too darn cute!

Not quite as soft as his straw, but still had to try it out
Week April 22 - 29

Miles Running 18.3
Hour Running and Hiking: 5 


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