Heartbreak Hill - Believe in the Run

Boston Marathon finish line 2009
I have run down Boylston Street... filled with excitement and pride as I approached the finish line of the famed Boston Marathon. I worked so hard to time qualify and train for this race. While it wasn't my best marathon, the smile that crossed my face as I made my way through the streets of Boston was unlike anything I've felt. I remember crossing the finish line and a volunteer placing a medal around my neck. Everything I had worked for the previous couple years had culminated in the 26.2 miles it had taken me to get there. I'll never forget running straight down the middle of the street. Taking it all in, the crowd, the cheering, the massive Boston Marathon Finish banner. It was something I wanted to remember forever. I had finally made it. I could finally say I had run Boston.

Every year I look forward to Patriots Day. I love streaming the race at my desk at work, watching everyone finish. Not just the winners, but those that are where I was April 20, 2009. I know how they're feeling and what its taken to get there.

Today I had a client meeting and missed the finish, but had just gotten an email from Dan with the women's results. I couldn't believe how close it had been. I was just about to see if I could find video of the finish when my boss called saying there was an explosion at Boston. I still haven't seen the women's finish. The innocence of the day lost by some crazy, souless person(s). In an instant the excitement of a close finish, an American woman coming close to winning, is all gone.

It saddens me to no end, this horrific attack in Boston. It hits to the core as I have been here. I finished in 3:53, which would have put me in the finishing chutes, medal around my neck, collecting my drop bag, and drinking a Gatorade, when the bombs went off. If you've never been to the Boston Marathon, its an amazing place on Patriots Day. There is such a sense of pride for everyone's running accomplishments as well as an overwhelming sense of patriotism.

Boston I will be back...running 26.2 miles for all those who can't. For those who fought to get here and had it ripped out from under them. The only thing I know to do after such horrific events is to run. So tomorrow, despite the raging blizzard outside, I will lace up my shoes and run hard.

"Running never takes more than it gives back. Believe in the run. Boston"


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